Foreign investors came back to brasilian Market in reason of Real devalued


Due to Dollar appreciation over that Real currency, foreign groups begin see business opportunities to buy real estate properties cheaper in Brazil.

Just in one year, invest in Brasil is 35% cheaper for foreigner and brazilian people that have dollar wherewithal. A lot of brazilian developers are seeking outside the country a way to sell their surplus products. The sale of assets to international groups is an escape to rearrangement of cash balance and a way to get rid of the property fixed costs such as condo, facilities and property tax.


In spite of exchange quotation is linked on market volatility, the expectative is the dollars still valued in the coming months until settlement the national macroeconomic and restoration of political stability. While this happen the national housing Market opens to a direct incentive to foreign buying in Brazil.

Like Bruce Buffer, announcer UFC says: “it’s time!!!”





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